Finding your niche

As soon as you get your first nice dslr camera you are going to be so excited. The sky is the limit as to what you can do with that thing. Don’t worry about going to look for clients, they will find you. This is where my warning comes into play.  Take your time. Get […]

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Lenses: Prime vs Telephoto

As a photographer it is crucial to have what you need almost immediately. You never know how long a subject will be where it originally was, or how fast the things in your environment will remain in a good position, it can all change rapidly. In the exact moment of action, every tool must be […]

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Street Photography

Street Photography Street Photography is one of the largest collections of photographs we have here at FiveStop. Every single encounter in this business is an adventure of its own, especially when dealing with Street Photography. Every time we go out to some town or city, we try to capture the life of that area all […]

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On Camera Flash

On Camera Flash Lighting is highly important to any successful photographer and is the the basis to any high quality picture. There is no need to run out to the nearest photography store and spend your life savings on overly priced lighting instruments, because everything you would need as a photographer is already in your […]

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Exposing Exposure

Exposure is one of the primary concepts to understand, and is crucial to professional photography. The problem with this is that new photographers tend to be a bit hesitant to switching their cameras into the Manual setting. Fear of not knowing how all of these settings work is common, and in all honesty very easy […]

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